Federal XPLORA M/T 37X12.50R22/10 Tires

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WK6QEBAFA / 37/12.5/22 / 3712.522 / 37125022 / 3712522

Federal XPLORA M/T

The Federal Xplora M/T is a mud terrain, all season tire manufactured for light trucks. The tire promotes excellent off-road traction. The large, hook-shaped tread blocks and the optimal groove placement work together to boost the soft and loose terrain gripping ability. They upgrade the model’s performing capability on off-road terrain surfaces and improve the tire’s versatile application. These tread elements ensure the tire’s forward motion even when driving through loose dirt and deep mud. The off-road performance is further improved with the tread’s self-cleaning capability. The staggered tread elements eliminate mud and eject rocks stuck between the tread elements. This keeps the footprint clean and guarantees the tire’s constant road contact, while it also upgrades the stone retention prevention to ensure a safer performance.