1 X DOUGLAS PERFORMANCE 205/55R16 91H All Season Performance Tires

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DG356327036 / 205/60/16 / 2056016


The Douglas Performance is a high performance all season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. Douglas offers a 45,000 mile warranty with this model. This tire offers remarkable all weather traction and, thanks to the tread design, it has great road grip in dry, wet and light winter weather. The tire is safe to use in all weather conditions, but it will still not substitute an actual winter tire in harsher winter conditions. The tread pattern's circumferential grooves help resist dangerous hydroplaning situations by eliminating water from below the tread area. A longer lasting tread life is guaranteed. The tread pattern and the enlarged road contact area equally distribute the driving pressure across the tread area. This distribution of the forces of acceleration, cornering or braking prevent irregular wear on the tread. As the tire does not wear unevenly, it is usable for a longer period of time, which extends its life. The Douglas Performance offers great stability at high speeds. The tire's internal structure and its optimal casing shape allow it to perform well at high speed. It maintains its shape against the driving pressure, which further improves its performing safety.