Sumitomo HTR Z III 255/45/18 103Y Max Performance Summer Tire

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Sumitomo HTR Z III255/45/18

"The Sumitomo HTR Z III is a summer high performance tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. Sumitomo gives a 20,000 mile warranty on this model. HTR Z III stands for High Technology Radials 3rd Generation, and is Sumitomo's new installment of this high performance tire lineup. This tire offers excellent dry and wet weather traction, but it is not recommended, nor is it safe, for it to be used in winter conditions. The tire grips the road well in dry and wet road conditions and provides first-rate hydroplaning resistance. The four, wide circumferential grooves disperse water from below the tire's footprint, enhancing its wet traction and performance. This model has a longer lasting tread life. The specially designed tread blocks on the tire's shoulder and the silica-based tire compound slow down the tire's wear and prevent irregular wear along the tread area. This allows the tire to be used for a longer period of time, making it more economic. The unique tread pattern, the 5 rib asymmetric tread pattern with large tread blocks on the shoulder of the tire, and the silica-based tire compound provide accurate and responsive handling. This improved steering responsiveness enables the driver to receive great road feedback, while also making the tire effortless to control even at high speeds. Its cornering ability and traction were also increased as the shoulder tread blocks maintain constant contact with the road and offer extra biting edges in those situations. The tire is able to perform to its fullest capabilities, boosting its exceptional high speed performance. The HTR Z III reduces the road noise heard and the vibrations felt in the cabin of the vehicle. The tread pattern's continuous center rib cancels out the road noise and keeps constant contact with the road for a quiet and comfortable driving experience."