Pirelli Scorpion Verde AS Plus 285/35R22 106Y XL

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2568000 / 285/35/22 / 2853522

Pirelli Scorpion Verde A/S Plus285/35/22

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus is an all season touring tire manufactured for SUV, crossover and light truck tires. This model is warrantied for 65,000 miles. This model offers excellent all weather traction, including in light snow, thanks to the silica-based tire compound and the asymmetric tread pattern. This all season tire provides resistance to hydroplaning by channeling water from beneath its footprint with the 4 wide circumferential grooves.2 The tire offers a longer lasting tread life as the tread wears out evenly due to the silica-based tread compound and asymmetrical tread pattern. This enables the tire to last for more miles, making it more cost efficient. The tire’s reduced rolling resistance also contributes to the tire being fuel-efficient. The lowered rolling resistance means decreased fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from the vehicle. The tire becomes economically and environmentally friendly.