Milestar MS93(2)P+ 295/30ZR19 100W XL All Season Performance

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24247111 / 295/30/19 / 2953019

Milestar MS932 XP+295/30/19

The Milestar MS932 XP+ is a high performance, all season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles and SUVs. The tire promotes great all weather traction. The all season tire compound and the asymmetric tread design, with the 3D siping detail, combined upgrade the dry, wet and winter weather road gripping capability. The tread design improves the tire’s grip on the road surface all year, by increasing the number of biting edges. The compound, on the other hand, keeps the tire pliable in various temperatures, including in winter weather. The circumferential grooves prevent hydroplaning by dispersing water and slush from below the tire’s footprint. This enhances the wet and winter weather driving safety significantly.