Nitto NT05R 305/45/18 1030 Max Performance Tire

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207530 / 305/45/18 / 3054518

Nitto NT05R305/45/18

The Nitto NT05R tire is a D.O.T. legal competition drag race tire designed for the rear axle. It has a radial construction and delivers fast runs thanks to extra sticky R-compound rubber. When aired down, the Nitto NT05R tire has a huge contact patch that ensures the tires lock-up quickly for the fastest launch times possible. The Nitto NT05R tire has a slick center for incredible grip as well as reinforced sidewalls that can resist excessive lateral distortion due to the high torque and stress on the tire at launch.The Nitto NT05 max performance street tire on the front axle and NT05R drag radial on the rear axle is a perfect pairing for any serious drag racer. Nitto Tires offers a full range of sizes in both tire styles so you can always find the right size pairing, but call our customer service agents if you have any questions. They will be happy to assist.