Triangle TR968 245/35R19 93V 360 AAA Tire

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10129680990 / 245/35/19 / 2453519

Triangle TR968245/35/19

The Triangle TR968 is a performance and high performance, all season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. Triangle offers a 40,000 mile treadwear warranty with this model. The tire guarantees great all weather traction. The all season tire compound and the directional tread pattern design work together to upgrade the dry, wet and winter weather road gripping ability and power. The compound maintains its weather flexibility, while the tread elements firmly grip the road surface at all times. The directional pattern’s swooping lateral grooves avoid hydroplaning. They disperse water and slush from below the tire’s footprint and ensures the tire’s road contact in wet and winter weather. This allows the tire to safely perform throughout its lifetime.